Most of our pianos are regulated/adjusted for the greatest musical “expression” … allowing the pianist to play their feelings/interpretation into their music, adding to the overall value of the instrument.

Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the piano to compensate for the effects of wear; the compacting and settling of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity.

Still Tuning after all these years, “Since 1978”

Bridgman Music offers piano service and repair, as well as pianos for sale.   

            Herb Bridgman


Yamaha C7 7’6”
Ebony Polyester Finish.

Serial #5563769

(No Reasonable Offer Refused)

– includes:
* Piano cover
* String cover
        * Matching bench


K. Kawai Grand Piano
Serial #90940, Model No. 350, Pre- KG 1 C,D

Older 5’ K. Kawai Grand Piano
Plays well. The Seasoned Soundboard provides Rich Variation.
Action assembly “motor” parts all original and in excellent shape. 

$2,375   (No Reasonable Offer refused)
includes: Padded bench

Kawai #1902458 – UST-7 –

46″ Studio Upright Piano

$1,475.00   (No Reasonable Offer Refused)

– includes:

  • Matching bench.
  • Regulated – to adjust critical parts in the action/motor to play like new.
  • Institutional; simple, long-wearing styling.
  • Supported front legs, for ease of moving.

Knabe Classic 45 ½” Studio Upright.
Serial #126370

(No Reasonable Offer Refused)

* The piano is in Exceptional Condition
* Nearly perfect “ivory” keyboard
* Classic “period” styling
* Dark walnut finish

* Supported front legs; for ease of moving

Everett Oak Piano with Lacquer Finish.
Serial #242119

$975  (No Reasonable Offer refused)

includes:  Matching bench

Kohler & Campbell 
41″ Console
Medium Maple Finish
Serial #659375

$775  (No Reasonable Offer Refused)

Matching bench
Rich bass – great “expression” balance – between key feel and sound.


Gulbransen Consolette 

Serial #343660
Ebony Finish on Mahogany Wood


 $475  (No Reasonable offer Refused

                           includes: Padded Adjustable Bench.




Lester Spinet 

Serial #240183

Lester Spinet piano with extended toe – for ease of moving.
Mahogany finish on mahogany wood.  There are some surface defects in the finish.

$375  (No Reasonable Offer refused)

includes:  Matching Bench